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    This is the best Taekwon Do Supplemental Training tool ever conceived. White Belt to 5th Dan at your fingertips.

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    Perfect for practicing before a belt test or to improve technique, acquracy and snap.
    Pumsae Player features slow motion, closed caption, narration, mirroring and much more.
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    Pumsae Player is an app that works as a digital Pumsae (poomsae / poomse) jukebox, for smart phones and tablets.
    Download it now from the Apple App Store.


//What is Pumsae AKA: poomsae / poomse?

Martial Arts are made of forms

All Martial Arts are made up of fundamental moves that at one point converge into a series of choreographed patterns called forms. In Korean the word form is spelled Pumsae and pronounced (poomse, poomsae). One of the most important aspects of Taekwon Do training is learning how to perform, and perfect techniques through the practice of Pumsae.

Hypnotic Media, a boutique creative lab located in Atlanta, GA. identified an opportunity to create a brand, dedicated to producing Supplemental Taekwon Do Training focusing specifically on keeping children and young adults engaged. At Hypnotic Media we firmly believe Taekwon Do, like all other Martial Arts, requires the supervision of a Master or Grand Master to achieve optimal mental, as well as physical awareness, ability, and safety. The mission of the Pumsae brand is to keep kids interested and excited about Taekwon Do, and all it has to offer.


Our flag ship product called Pumsae Player, is an app that works as a digital Pumsae (poomse) jukebox, for smart phones and tablets. Anyone can download the app from the Apple app store and practice Taekwon Do forms at their leisure. All the Pumsae / Poomsae / Poomse Taekwondo Forms in the Pumsae Player app are performed in accordance with standards set by the world taekwondo federation.

The app is made up of three sections or modules that allow customization of the player for better and more efficient training. The progress bar at the bottom of the player pauses the Pumsae, and displays current settings. The three modules are explained below in more detail:

whether you are a beginner or
an expert, you need to get this app



//Besides 360° camera control you get Slow Motion, Narration, Close Caption and so much more.

When you are practicing for a belt test it is important to remember every block, kick and turn. Your Master may call out a Pumsae | Poomsae | Poomse by name and you are expected to remember it and execute, perfectly on the spot. Pumsae Player allows you to not only see each Pumsae | Poomsae | Poomse in perfect detail from every angle, but also gives you the ability to play back in slow motion, hear a Master narrate every move, while you see its description in close caption, mirror the character so he moves in the same direction as you would, and so on... It’s like having a virtual coach in your pockets and it goes wherever you go.

Our Technology

Pumsae Player is high tech and high fidelity. From state of the art motion capture technology used to make box office Hollywood hits, to the Taekwon Do Masters whose contribution makes the app a highly precise experience, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into the making of this product.

The motion comes from Master Curtis Mast. Master Mast is a Kukkiwon certified 6th degree black belt (Dan) and has been studying Taekwondo for over twenty years. His background boasts a unique blend of both traditional and sport Taekwondo. He is the student of Grandmaster Moo Yong Lee (Kukkiwon 9th Dan and Moo Duk Kwan Dan Number 62), which allows him to trace his heritage directly back to the founder of Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo. Moo Duk Kwan (the original Korean Martial Arts Academy) was founded in 1945 in Korea. Master Mast honors the traditions of this heritage in his classes everyday.

The voice over instructions of Pumsae Player were provided by Master Jessica Sherlock. Master Sherlock is a 4th degree Master with over 9 years of Martial Arts experience and certified personal trainer. Her love of the art, as well as instructional precision add an unlimited dimension to Pumsae Player. Master Mast and Master Sherlock are our heroes! And we don’t say that lightly. So, next time you’re in Atlanta make sure to stop by ATLANTA’S UNITED TAEKWON DO and say hello. You’ll see what we mean.

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